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Part 1: The Long Tragic Trail of Defective General Electric Nuclear Reactors, from Hanford to Fukushima

Troubled throughout its entire history, the Columbia Generating Station nuclear power plant at Hanford, Wash., will turn 30 years old in 2014. The plant’s opening in 1984 was marred by the failure to complete four of its sister plants in what at the time was the biggest municipal bond default in the history of US capital […]

Remembering Kathie Durbin

The passing last week of Kathie Durbin hit me hard. We lost not only a great journalist. She was a friend to the fragile forest ecosystems that give life to the Northwest and set them apart from the rest of the planet. To me, she was a friend and mentor. I worked alongside Kathie for […]

Unskewing the climate math

As you recall, during the presidential campaign, Mitt Romney and the Republicans had trouble making their budget numbers add up. As Bill Clinton pointed out at the 2012 Democratic convention, Republican policies simply “defied arithmetic.” On Election Day, Karl Rove threw a fit on Fox News because the vote counts being reported out of Ohio […]

Overlooked nature in the NoPo bluffs

Very exciting. The Portland Tribune has published my latest story, Overlooked Nature in the NoPo Bluffs. It’s about nature in the heart of this wonderful city. Tweet

The Last Undammed River in California

(US Fish & Wildlife Service photo) This is the Cosumnes River, the last undammed river flowing down the western flank of the Sierra Nevada Mountains into California’s Central Valley. It is being ripped to shreds by unlawful gold and gravel mining, risking one of the valley’s few healthy runs of chinook salmon. “Healthy,” however, is […]


As the one-year anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear accident approaches, flood waters from the giant tsunami of March 2011 have long receded, But the lessons of Fukushima continue to shake the nuclear power industry around the world, especially in the United States. One thing we learned from Fukushima was that while nuclear power plants need […]

Portland: One of the worst 15 places to breathe in America

More bad air quality news for Portland. The cancer risk for breathing Portland air is 7th worst in the nation, out of 3,000 counties. Only in New York and Southern California is the air more carcinogenic. The risk is small, but very real. Portland’s air is capable of causing more than 300 extra cancers among […]