The Columbia Crossing: A Bridge to More Air Pollution

bridgeA nine part series from Cascadia Times.

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Part 1: Columbia River Crossing to disappoint those believing its empty promises

Part 2: Road Rage: Could fury over freeways topple plans for a new Columbia River bridge? Or will Portland join the “freeway arms race”?

Part 3: Lagging Traffic Volumes Could Force Taxpayers to Cover Bridge Debt

Part 4: The Cancer in Portland’s Air

Part 5: An Environmental Injustice

Part 6: Air Pollution, Inc.

Part 7: Global Warming and the CRC

Part 8: Our Future, Our Choices

Part 9: Guest commentary from Ronald A. Buel on the Media’s Role: Did The Oregonian Use Misinformation to Sell an Expensive and Unneeded Bridge to an Unwary Public?


Mapping Toxic Air in Portland, by Cascadia Times, based on data from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

City of Wilting Roses: Industrial pollution
in Portland air among the nation’s most toxic, by Cascadia Times, based on data from the US Environmental Protection Agency

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